Saturday, June 22, 2013

DIY Baseball Bracelet

Soon Adam and I will be headed to Cincinnati, Ohio for his brother's wedding and a nice, long, vacation. Part of the trip will include a Reds baseball game - of course! Being married to a baseball guy from Cincinnati, we could not pass up the opportunity. It will be my first major league baseball game. I am so excited!

Part of the fun is picking out a cute baseball outfit. ;-) I found a red tank that will make me look like a Reds fan (but that I can wear the rest of the year too, since I'm particularly loyal to any baseball team). And Pinterest opened my eyes to some fun ways to accessorize, including a DIY baseball bracelet.

Of course, I took the challenge! Adam supplied me with a slightly used baseball and I got to work.

Here's how:

1) Using a hobby knife, cut around the laces of the baseball. All the way around. It's up to you how much leather to include in your bracelet, but be sure to steer clear of the holes that the laces are woven into.

2) Pick a spot and cut the loop so it is on long piece of leather.

3) Soak the leather in water for one hour. Then gently stretch it so the piece is as straight as possible. It will need to dry straight. (I used a pants hanger with clips to keep mine stretched out.)

4) Wrap the leather around your wrist to measure your size. Add about 3 inches to the length, and cut it. Start undoing the laces at both ends of the strip.

5) Cut away the excess leather and keep measuring around your wrist until the leather ends meet (you should have about 1.5 inches of lace on each end).

6) There are a number of ways you can secure the bracelet to your wrist. Some use clasps, some make slip knots. I decided to tie a button on one side and make a loop on the other. It's easy on and off - and super cute!

7) You are done! This is my finished bracelet:

Take me out to the ball game!