Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tissue Paper Pom Flower Tutorial

These are inexpensive and easy decorations to make any event look more festive. And when you are done, you can take them apart and use the tissue paper for gifts!

Tissue Paper Pom Flowers
20x20 or 20x30 inch tissue paper (8 sheets per flower)
Fishing line or ribbon
1. Fold a stack of tissue paper in 1 ½ inch accordion folds (like you are making a paper fan). If you are using 20x30 inch paper, be sure to fold on the shorter side, otherwise your pom will come out floppy. (You can also cut the paper into smaller squares for different sized poms).
2. Cut the ends of the folded tissue paper in points or round them.
3. Tie some fishing line or ribbon around the center of the paper. Leave enough length for hanging the pom once it is complete.
4. Gently pull each layer of tissue apart from each other and fluff into a “ball”. 
5. Hang from the ceiling…you are done!