Thursday, September 27, 2012

Training Just Got Tougher // Tough Mudder

I'm so stoked!

My friend convinced me to run Tough Mudder with her in December. Ok, it didn't take much convincing (I've been wanting to train for an obstacle run)...but it was her idea and I'm so glad she suggested it...

Tough Mudder is a CRAZY obstacle run that is 10-12 miles long! The obstacles are designed by British Special Forces. Ha!

I can't wait!

I have about 10 more weeks to prepare. I've got the running down but I need to pick it up with strength training. More circuits, longer workouts, dynamic...tough...exhausted with my face to the floor type workouts. Many of those are in my future.

It's all worth it though. I love the challenge and the discipline. I love the emphasis on teamwork in Tough Mudder events. And I'm looking forward to accomplishing something I never thought I could do!

(Side note: Did I ever tell you.... it used to take me close to 15 minutes to complete a mile in elementary school? Asthma, allergies and other "I can't" type reasons held me back. Then shin splints shut down the fun of high school track (I was a sprinter). And last year my knee initiated a reset in my running routine. But Praise God for freedom from those things! Now, I can run a mile in less than 9 minutes and I just hit 6.25 miles on my long run! I love to celebrate those milestones because it's all HIM!)

Anyways, I'm also excited about Tough Mudder because it is an opportunity to support a great cause: the Wounded Warrior Project. This non-profit organization serves our nation's heroes by providing support to injured service men and women, helping them adjust to life back home and whatever repercussions their injury has caused.  Our warriors are willing to sacrifice their lives through their service - they deserve a program like this!

Each runner in Tough Mudder has the option to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and I am happy to participate. If you are interested in donating, click here. There are often wounded warriors at the Tough Mudder events... I might get to "compete" with some!

Mostly this post is just me being excited, but I hope that my Tough Mudder journey will also encourage you. I've learned with God's favor and some determination, great (and FUN!) things are always possible! Go after them!