Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

My mom sent me a text that tonight would be a blue moon and perhaps I would want to take a picture. Blue moons really aren't any different from regular full moons...except that they are the second full moon within a month. And I do think that is pretty special.

So I decided to peek out the blinds to see what this blue moon did to our night sky.

I love the detailed silhouette of the trees across the pond and the silver lining of the tiny cloud above. Beautiful details you can only see in the dark, with a borrowed light, like that of a blue full moon.

The moon only gets its light from the sun and shines brightest when the sun has gone away. What did I just read earlier? "You can only see your light is shining when you are standing in the dark."

I remember, God never leaves us in the dark. He leaves his Son in us. A borrowed light to shine in the darkest of places.

Even with the waxing and the waning of the moon, its phases, its seasons, the darkness only lasts for the briefest of moments. More light, then less light. A brief dimming in order to rest, restore or maybe transform - yes, become new. The new moon is the darkest moment, before it waxes to reflect the borrowed light again.

And are we not made for seasons too?

Then the fuller we get, the more beauty that is revealed. Not from our light - from borrowed light - and the willingness to stand in dark places.

Lord, may I never miss the beauty Your light reveals in the darkness. And thank You for blue moons - those second chances to shine brightest...