Monday, July 23, 2012

July Celebration #6 // Bowling Birthday

My friend Kristina also has a July birthday so we decided to do a girls night out to celebrate. We first stopped at Moe’s for dinner then headed over to the bowling alley for $10 all-you-can-bowl (including shoes…yes!). 

We settled in to the almost-VIP lanes, a step up from the regular lanes because we had cushioned couches to sit on instead of hard chairs…but not as snazzy as the VIP lanes in the back room. (What goes on in there?) Jenny ended up with two shoes for the right foot, but happened to find a left shoe in her size hanging out under our couch. This night was already off to randomly fun start.

From then on was a complete blast. Something about the bowling alley ambiance - 90’s & 00’s dance music, neon lights, goofy shoes – that turns this sport into a dance party. Yes dance party. Or maybe it was just the company.  ;-) I’m not sure but we had a great time laughing over our not-so-slick dance moves and accidental strikes. Somehow we bowled better goofing off then when we actually tried. 

The night ended with good old-fashioned girl talk in my friend’s living room….the details of which should not be shared! It was a much needed night out for all of us, I think. I’m so thankful for my girls adding flavor to life and offering support when it is needed. They are each a gift from God.\

For a glimpse of just how much fun we had, check out our video. ;-)

(Click here if the video does not appear below.)