Thursday, February 16, 2012

My 10 Steps to Natural Living // Step Six: Creating “Green” Space

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Up until now, my steps to natural living have been kind of involved – definitely no instant gratification. So I am throwing this step in the mix because it is easy! I totally believe in celebrating even the tiniest victories.

This step is about how I am creating “green” space at home and at my office. Now this can be a long and involved process if you make it. There are many, many ways to “go green” – everything from changing light bulbs, to installing different windows. In fact, if this is important to you, I found an awesome resource to give tips to creating a green home and office HERE.

But that is not the type of green I am talking about. My green space is simply including living plants where I spent most of time. 

My new happy green vines (Philodendron, I think?)

It’s easy and has several benefits: 

1) Plants can help purify the air. They absorb various toxins in the air and release fresh oxygen. Breathe deep….and enjoy! (Here is a list of some of the best air-purifying house plants.)

2) Plants add LIFE to otherwise dull or lonely spaces. On most days, I am on my own at my office. Other people come and go….but usually it is just me, my work and the radio. Now I have a happy green plant sitting by my office window. I have one in the office space at home too. Something about that green just adds joy to my space.

3) Plants can be a source of garden veggies or herbs. I live in an apartment without a balcony or porch, but we have a lot of beautiful windows that face the morning sun. In addition to my happy green vine, I plan to create a window sill planter for some herbs that I can use for cooking or making essential oils. If you have more space, consider starting a garden…I wish I could! It’s a cheap way to eat!

This step was easy for me because my mom already has two of these vine plants. She cut some of the stems off and put them in jars filled with water. It took about a month for them to sprout roots, after which I planted them in some pots. They are growing so fast now! I am determined to not kill these guys….I don’t have a good track record with plants, but I feel good about it this time.  ;-)

Freshly cut vines in jars of water.


Stina R. said... Reply to Comment

Since we just renewed our lease I'm hoping to get some planter boxes to grow herbs in myself. If they're growing right out on my balconey I will have no excuse not to cook with them more often, lol.

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@Stina R. Awesome! I love cooking with herbs...and fresh is even better. Let me know it goes growing and cooking with them. I hope to start mine soon too. :)