Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday // Foggy Day

I don’t think Florida knows what season we are in. Winter, isn’t it? Every few days the weather flips between winter and spring. One day felt like it was close to summer. Yikes! Please not yet.

The day I took these pictures the temperature was probably in the 60’s. But the heavy morning fog made it feel like a wintery day. I’ve never done photos on a foggy day so I grabbed my camera to see what I could see.

The colors are so different in heavily diffused sunlight. I enjoyed taking in the details of our surroundings as the trees prepare to turn from winter to spring (I think?). So many changes take place with the rhythm of the seasons…I don't think I will ever tire of photographing around our apartment's pond.


Sharon said... Reply to Comment

Our Red Maple tree is budding also. And I saw a lilac tree in bloom the other day! What month is it?? Love your photos!