Thursday, December 15, 2011

25 Days of Christmas for My Husband // Two Week Update

So I have been diligently hanging little scrolls on Adam’s 25 Days of Christmas sign every day for two weeks. As far as my ability to accomplish everything in each scroll….it hasn’t happened. But as far as accomplishing my overall goal in showing my love and dedication to my husband’s needs/desires…success!

Out of the seven days this past week, I only accomplished three of the planned activities. Part of this was due to one or both of us being under the weather, as well as some changes in Adam’s schedule. 

At one point I was starting to get frustrated with not being able to follow through and of course it was my practical husband that brought things back into perspective. He told me to stop worrying about doing each little thing and realize that he appreciates all the effort it took me to just plan it out in the first place. This made me feel better about the whole thing…and I realized that I had already made a difference just by trying!

But I am keeping track of the things I haven’t done yet, so that one day I can do them for him! In case you are following along, here are the “gifts” I attempted to give during week two:

Day 8. His pick of lingerie (for me).

Day 9. Go to a basketball game and watch him at work (my husband is a high school & college sports official).

Day 10. Bake a special treat. I actually got to do this one by making a full breakfast with cinnamon rolls.

Day 11. Go golfing together.

Day 12. His pick of a game we play together.

Day 13. Apple cider and freshly baked cookies for when he got home from work. I got to do this one too!

Day 14. Grocery shopping JUST for him. This was fun – and much needed since I will be out of town for a couple of days. Now he has all the things he loves to eat!

I am excited about this next week….and confident I will be able to accomplish a lot more.  Check back soon for an update!