Saturday, November 12, 2011

Operation Christmas Child Boxes Complete!

Tomorrow I turn in my Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes. It’s been so much fun working on these and thinking about the children that will receive them. I pray that both children will come to understand the love that God has for them!

I am especially excited about participating this year because I paid for shipping online…which means I can track the boxes and see where they end up. How awesome is that?!

Before I closed up and labeled my boxes, I took one last picture to share with you. I’ve been talking about how it is possible to save money while giving and so I wanted to share my final count. Keep in mind, there is not just one right way to save! I included items my mom gave me, ordered free samples, got paid for surveys, used coupons to get freebies and used coupons to stretch other parts of the budget to allow for some out of pocket spending.  

Here is what I ended up with:

School & Art Supplies
Pink Highlighters – Free after Office Max Perks
Pens 10ct – Free from Mom
(4) Small Composition Pads - Free from Mom
(2) Crayola Marker – Free from Mom
(2) Crayola Crayons – Free from Mom
Blue Pencil Bag – Free from Mom
Pink Pencil Bag - 97¢
(2) Pencils 10ct - 47¢ ea
(2) Pencil Sharpeners - 47¢ ea
Water Colors Set - 97¢

Hygiene Items
(2) Toothbrushes – Free after Coupons
(1) Large Toothpaste – Free after Coupons
(2) Travel Toothpastes – Free after Coupons
(2) Reach Floss – Free after Coupons
(2) Ivory Bar Soap – Free After Coupons
Hair Cliips and Ouchless Bands – Free from Mom
Hair Brush and Srunchies - $1

Fun & Games
(2) Flashlights – Free after Coupons
Spoons Game – Free after Coupons
Tic-Tacs – Free from Mom
Animal Stickers – Free from Mom
TY Beanie Babies – From my own “like new” collection
Coloring Book -$1
Harmonica - $1
Puzzle - $1
Toy Car - $1
Football - $1

Boy’s T-shirt - $1 (Can you believe it?! I found it on clearance at WalMart and it rang up cheaper than the tag price!)
Girl’s Socks - $2.50

Shipping Charges
$7 per Box – Paid for with survey money

Total Cost Out of Pocket: $12.38 + tax

I think that’s a pretty good price for two Christmas boxes! And it is TOTALLY worth it for the impact the boxes will have on those kids. Praise God for opportunities to give! J