Friday, September 23, 2011

Photo Friday // Ireland: Day Three –Cahir & Cobh

Welcome to the third day of my trip through Ireland! I love being able to relive these memories on my blog…

Before leaving Cashel, we had a lovely breakfast at our B&B. The table settings were quaint…I especially loved the little placements with Ireland’s historical culture illustrated on them. I ordered pancakes for breakfast, which turned out to be similar to crepes, served with fresh fruit. It was delish!

Our first stop was the town of Cahir. It was just a short stop to walk around and see Cahir castle. In the town center, the buildings were each painted a different color. The hues seemed to mirror the array of colorful hydrangeas planted in the medians.

On our way out of Cahir, we decided to stop by the Swiss Cottage. It is a house that royalty used for entertaining guests. The cottage was situated within a forest, next to a small river, and up on top of a hill. To our surprise, the cottage isn’t visible from the bottom of the hill. So my dad and I took the tiny set of stairs up inside of the hill, through the basement of the house and out to the cottage’s yard so we could take pictures. I felt like I was in Middle Earth. J

Next stop, Cobh. This town is also known as Queenstown, the last port of call for the Titanic. It is a port for many other historical ships as well. The town heritage center hosts a café, gift shop and museum about the port. In the museum, we found a list of names of those who boarded the Titanic at Cobh and were lost in the sinking of the ship. One of them was Janie Carr….we don’t know her, but Carr is one of our Irish family names.

Also in Cobh, we visited St. Coleman’s Cathedral, which was HUGE and gorgeous inside. I especially loved the mosaic tile floor, marble columns, intricate stone carvings….ok all of it!

Next week I will continue with day three…at Blarney Castle!


Darbi-Leigh said... Reply to Comment

i love the little Swiss cottage! it DOES look like middle earth! :)

Valerie said... Reply to Comment

@Darbi-Leigh hehe it was beautiful! it was as tho the trees and vines were part of its architecture. thanks for reading Darbi! xoxo